Lansing and Greater Michigan Services


Nobody serves the Lansing and greater Detroit areas quite like we do. Our business started more than 20 years ago in this city and we plan to be a staple in its heating and cooling for as long as we can. From the latest innovations in HVAC such as ductless heating and cooling to the best on-site support, you can be sure that what we have to offer is so much more than just basic heating and cooling. We have a dedication to our customers to create the company that they want, not one that is focused on profits.

From humble beginnings in the Lansing area, we have continued our reputation for being the best in terms of customer support and price for the years following. We know that the city of Lansing is a hard working city and that the people of Michigan are good people that deserve quality work at a price they can afford. This is why we use customer feedback as a way to continue to offer the best service in the area.

Hardworking and good at what we do

We have never been afraid of hard work and believe that it is the reason that we have become so popular in the state. A state with people that appreciate hard work and dedication as well as the ability to adapt to the changing business landscape. Whether it is old fashioned heating and cooling or new fangled ductless HVAC, there is something that is constant, and that is our low price and dedication to what we do.

See the difference by scheduling an appointment and see the wonders that we can do on duct work both old and new, and how we can keep you warm or cold no matter what the state of Michigan decides to throw at you weather wise.